Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Breaking News - OPEN TODAY!

I'm interested to see how many people opened this particular message - I decided to put the Call to Action to the test by giving you the next step - OPEN TODAY! 

There is a difference between giving a presentation  and fire hosing your potential new client  with all the quality products or services you provide and actually asking them to take the next step.

For the longest time, I couldn't figure out why I wasn't getting the clients I wanted, especially during a one on one or at presentation.  When I finally aligned myself with a top expert in the industry, I was soon taught the purpose and absolute necessity of the dreaded Call to Action.  Without providing your potential customer (or even current customer) with a specific next step and how to complete that next step they will walk away and won't even think about doing business with you.

1.  Treat your call to action just like it is part of presentation or conversation.  The close at the end is no different than the introduction or three main points in the middle of your presentation.   It should be well planned, thought out and memorized for the most effective impact.

2.  Give ONE next step.  Of course you have multiple products and/or services that you offer, but more than likely, the first time someone hears you speak, they won't invest in your most expensive offer.  Make sure you have a mid range offer.  Your presentation should smoothly lead into your offer.  People don't like to make decisions and they don't like to make choices.  Keep it simple.

3.  Your call to action doesn't have to involve money.  In order to take a little bit of the pressure off of you and the audience member(s), you can create a call to action that does not require the exchange of money.  For example, you might want to ask everyone for a referral or testimonial.  Perhaps you simply want to collect everyone's business card to send them a free report.

No matter what your call to action is, make sure you are collecting something from the listeners whether it is money for a workshop, an e-mail address for an opt-in or a referral for a future presentation or potential customer.

Knowing exactly what you want your next step to be will make the transition from the main points of your talk to the close.  PREPARE and PRACTICE exactly what you will say during the call to action so that flows seamlessly from your lips!

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