Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Breaking News - OPEN TODAY!

I'm interested to see how many people opened this particular message - I decided to put the Call to Action to the test by giving you the next step - OPEN TODAY! 

There is a difference between giving a presentation  and fire hosing your potential new client  with all the quality products or services you provide and actually asking them to take the next step.

For the longest time, I couldn't figure out why I wasn't getting the clients I wanted, especially during a one on one or at presentation.  When I finally aligned myself with a top expert in the industry, I was soon taught the purpose and absolute necessity of the dreaded Call to Action.  Without providing your potential customer (or even current customer) with a specific next step and how to complete that next step they will walk away and won't even think about doing business with you.

1.  Treat your call to action just like it is part of presentation or conversation.  The close at the end is no different than the introduction or three main points in the middle of your presentation.   It should be well planned, thought out and memorized for the most effective impact.

2.  Give ONE next step.  Of course you have multiple products and/or services that you offer, but more than likely, the first time someone hears you speak, they won't invest in your most expensive offer.  Make sure you have a mid range offer.  Your presentation should smoothly lead into your offer.  People don't like to make decisions and they don't like to make choices.  Keep it simple.

3.  Your call to action doesn't have to involve money.  In order to take a little bit of the pressure off of you and the audience member(s), you can create a call to action that does not require the exchange of money.  For example, you might want to ask everyone for a referral or testimonial.  Perhaps you simply want to collect everyone's business card to send them a free report.

No matter what your call to action is, make sure you are collecting something from the listeners whether it is money for a workshop, an e-mail address for an opt-in or a referral for a future presentation or potential customer.

Knowing exactly what you want your next step to be will make the transition from the main points of your talk to the close.  PREPARE and PRACTICE exactly what you will say during the call to action so that flows seamlessly from your lips!

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Top 10 Key Strategy Points

Top 10 Key Strategy Points

1.   You are in business for yourself
2.   Whatever happens in your business is up to you
3.  The more you accept it, the more others will line up to help you
4.   If it's meant to be, it's up to me
5.   The aim in strategic planning is to increase your return on energy
6.   Get the highest return on your energy - you put just as much energy out there to get nothing in return as you do to get everything in return
7.   Have a good personal strategic plan
8.   Some people work 40 years and end up poor, others work the same number of years making the same amount of money and end up wealthy - just look at Professional Athletes!!  They're all making millions of dollars a year, but so often we see in the media that so and so is millions of dollars in debt - they had no personal strategic plan.
9.   The people who are wealthy stick to their plan
10.   Plan your work and work your plan!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

"The Hunger Games" and Your Business - Part II

I'm still blown away at the parallels I was able to make between the movie The Hunger Games and how business owners must think, feel and act in order to reach success and stay in business!
A few days ago, I posted a blog full of business tips based on the movie which included believing in yourself, becoming excellent at your skill and preparing for opportunities just to name a few.  I kept thinking about the movie and couldn't pass up the chance to give you some more insight on the business parallels that I found in the movie.
Business Tips Continued.....
1.  Dance With Fear:  In the movie, it was very obvious that Katniss, the main character was utterly frightened for her life and what to expect once the games began.  But, she didn't let it stop her, ultimately, she won.  In part because she moved through her fear with courage.

In our businesses, we are faced with daily fears like not being able to pay our household bills, appointments/clients canceling, picking up the phone to call someone on our "chicken list" and even promoting ourselves and what we have to offer.  If we allow the fear to STOP us, we'll never know what ind of life exists on the other side of that fear.  And you know the old saying, "Everything greater lies on the other side of fear so RUN into it full speed ahead!"
2.  Make A Good First Impression:  When the 24 children competing in the games arrived in the main city/hub area where the games would take place, they were introduced to the town in a parade of sorts.  They each rode in on a chariot in costume and waved to the onlookers.  Katniess and Peeta rode in last in attractive, black leather outfits that would spit out fire as a result of the breeze they created by the moving chariot.  It was a complete hit and the crowd loved them from the get go!  They made a lasting first impression!
In business, everyone we come into contact with is a potential client, customer, giver of referrals or a connection to great leads for speaking engagements, etc.  We must remember, that hundreds and thousands of other business owners are out sharing, selling and telling the same thing we are, so what makes us stand out?  Why should someone work with us?  Always make a good first impression in the first 5-11 seconds!!  People make 11 assumptions about you in 11 seconds.
3.  Who Is Your Target Market?:  In order for Katniss and Peeta, Katniss especially, to make a good first impression and build supporters in the city where the games were held, they needed to find out what to "give" the audience.  What did the audience want?  What would make them follow Katniss and support her along the way?  In the movie, the competitors could be given items that would help them during the games from their audience, also known as sponsors.  The more the audience liked the competitor the more included they were to sponsor the child.  Katniss discovered that the audience was drawn to a "love story", which is how she eventually won.
In business, know who you want to serve and how you want to serve them.  Know what problems they have and how you can solve them.  Know what goals they want to achieve and how you can help them achieve those goals.  Be extremely clear with your specific niche in that target market.  It will make your messaging must more clear for your audience to understand, therefore, they will be more included to BUY from you.
4.  Develop a Support Team:  In the movie, each competitor had a support team or a team of coaches.  It was important to have a great connection with your support team and surround yourself with people who would help you get to the top.  Katniss and Peeta were paired with a man from their own district who had competed and won the Hunger Games years prior. He was able to give them incredible insight (at times).  They were also paired with a designer for fashion and advice that really helped them along the way.
In business, it is important to surround yourself with people who lift you up, not pull you down.  Being in business for yourself goes against the grain of "feeling secure" in America.  90% of the population who WORK for someone else share 10% of the money that exists.  10% of the population shares 90% of the money that exists.  You've got to hang out with the 10%!!!  They know what it takes to be successful.  They've made all the mistakes for you.  What you are doing has already been done by countless experts so draw on that expertise.  Think about the 5 people you spend most of your time with and find the average of their total income.  You will make the average income of the people you hang out with.  
I hope I have not totally spoiled the movie for you!  Even so, go see it and think BUSINESS while you're watching it.  I actually want to go see it again with a pen and paper this time!!
Disclaimer:  I am not getting paid to promote the movie - haha!
Start Your Engines,
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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Learn About Business Through "The Hunger Games"

My husband and I went on our first "date" sans our daughter in over a year, FINALLY!!!  One thing I've learned, if you're married with children, it is so vital to the well-being of the entire family to court one another.  
On our date, we went to the IMAX version of the movie Hunger Games.  Wow!!  I loved it!  I know there is much controversy surrounding the basis of the movie - children killing children, however, I was thinking BUSINESS the entire time I watched the movie - well, at least parts of the movie.  
If you are unfamiliar with the movie, let me fill you in.
The main character, Katniss Everdeen, along with 23 other competitors (all of which were 12-18 years of age), battled one another to stay alive in a forest.  They were given one chance to grab some sort of weapon or "bag of goodies" to use on this two week journey.  Once in the forest, they were on their own for food, shelter, water and safety.  
Here are the business tips I drew from the movie:
1.  Believe in yourself: Only one child would come out alive and if you didn't believe you could "win" you would more than likely die pretty quickly.
The same goes with business.  It's not necessarily life or death, but if we don't believe we can do it, if we don't believe in the value of the product or service we offer, if we don't believe we can deliver - our business will more than likely fail within a year or shortly thereafter.
 2.  Prepare for the Opportunity:  Not that dying in a game is an opportunity, but the opportunity to be thrown into this come and come out alive. It was quite obvious that certain children had prepared themselves for this day not knowing whether it would ever come or not, but they were prepared both mentally and physically to take on the challenge.
We don't know what our future holds, but we better be prepared and OPEN to any opportunity that opens it's door to us.  Keeping our eyes open at all times.
3.  Take Risks:  In the beginning of the movie, we found out how a child's name was put into the lottery more times - they were trying to earn more food for their families.  By placing their names in the lottery more, not only did they earn more food, but they also increased their chances of being selected for the Hunger Games.
In order to be successful in business, I mean REALLY successful, you have to take risks.  Now, just because you are taking a risk doesn't mean you don't have to think about it first, I encourage you to do so.  Know what you're getting yourself into, but you must be willing to take them!
4.  Become Excellent at Your Skill:  Katniss Everdeen, who eventually won the Hunger Games, was a phenomenal archery shooter.  She practiced hunting for squirrels in the woods of her "district" for her family to eat.  She was incredible and used this to her advantage multiple times throughout the Hunger Games.
What are you good at?  You must set yourself apart from the competition.  One of the three things to look at when going into business is "Can I do it better than my competition?"  If you can't, then your competition has a better chance of getting the clients and customers they want.
5.  Be a Giver:  During the movie, Katniss put herself on the line multiple times by helping other competitors LIVE during the Hunger Games.  She put herself in danger and expected nothing in return.  It paid off in the end.
We'll all heard it.  In business, you must be a giver.  Now, I don't mean go sacrifice the well-being of your family and give away your services for FREE.  You have to put food on the table, remember!  We are here to serve others, to live out God's purpose for us - it's really not up to us what we're meant to do, but it is up to us to figure it out.  Give back to others and expect nothing in return.  If you expect something in return, you aren't a true servant.
My point?
You can look at most situations and spin them into some sort of business-like connection.  Learn from everyone and everything around you.
Start Your Engines,
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Monday, April 30, 2012

What Is Your Excuse? The Economy?

"I can't build my business because the economy is so terrible and no one has any money to spend on what I have to offer!"  Woe is me.... (yeah, I've heard myself say that a time or two!)


Visit a restaurant on a Wednesday night - you'll have to wait to get a seat.

Go to a movie in the middle of the afternoon on a Saturday - you'll park in the BACK of the parking lot built for 5,000 cars.

Go to a local minor or major league baseball game - SOLD OUT and 75% of the people there are buying $6.00 cokes and $8 hot dogs.

And, guess what - I've done all three in the past week which is why I know those statements are true.

This is one of the biggest excuses entrepreneurs use, so they don't have to take responsibility for their inability to build a business - and they end up applying for a job somewhere else because making money for someone else is "secure".
Well, if jobs are so secure, then why have I been on pins and needles for the past year wondering if I'll have my online teaching job once the Spring 2012 semester is over?  Don't we all think teaching in the Public School System is.....Stable? 

An entrepreneur's inability isn't because they aren't smart enough or have some earth shattering product or service - it's simply because they don't understand how to market themselves, set and achieve goals or get out of their comfort zones and overcome their fears.  And, they don't value themselves enough.
  • Would you like to position yourself so that you never feel like you HAVE "to sell" your service or product?
  • Did you know that when you are really clear about exactly how you can help someone, they are relieved that their problem will soon be solved or that you will help them reach their goal, and they can't wait to get started?
Are you ready to stop letting excuses STUNT your cash flow and YOUR SUCCESS! If you answered yes, say "I"!


How do I know, because I do. My clients do.  And loads of other coaches and entrepreneurs do, too!  One of my clients started a baby-sitting service business in October of 2011, she has over 100 babysitters and over 150 families!  She also had a FULL TIME JOB while building her business.  She just worked her last day for someone else last Friday!  She is making MONEY!

The Question that remains...How can you make money in this economy?

The answer is to change your story and your state, set and achieve goals, organize your thoughts and our time, get out of your comfort zone and GET INTO ACTION! 

People buy what they want and they figure out ways to pay for what they want, regardless of the economy, especially if they want it bad enough, and if they believe their lives will be significantly enhanced by getting it.
  • They will splurge on dessert if the thought of home-made key lime pie tonight is more compelling than cab fare tomorrow.  (They'll burn the extra calories walking it off ;-)
  • They will spend hundreds to thousands of dollars for once-in-a-lifetime concerts or opening day for their favorite sports team.  (What if I never get to see them again?)
  • They will even sell their car to get coaching when they know it will get them the lifetime results they are looking for.  (Once I learn how to make money coaching, I can buy an even better car!)
When you position yourself to be what they are looking for, you never have to sell your services.
They know what they want, and when they get that you are it, they are ready, willing and able to invest in your products services, so they can get it.
Are you committed to:
Change Your State
Write a New Story
Set and Achieve Goals
Get Out of Your Comfort Zone
Organize your Thoughts and your Time
Get Into Action
If this is all I need to learn and do to live the life I want to live, then I'm in, full throttle!
Are You?
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Monday, April 2, 2012

Get Into Action & Increase Your Sales (Class Offering)

Fear. Lack of Confidence. Ineffective Communication.
Objections. Money Woes.

Sound familiar?

They did to me, too! Until -- I repeatedly experienced feeling uncomfortable. I began to realize that true growth lies outside the boundaries that we draw around ourselves. Boundaries, also known as fears, are simply lies that our ego wants us to believe. My personal bubble was not going to attract the clients or the money that I wanted inside the boundaries that I had drawn. Are you willing to stay comfortable and miss the chance for growth or are you willing to live the life that you were designed to live? Are you ready to tap into your full potential?

One day, I made a conscious decision to start taking massive action and move forward in my business. I wanted to make myself feel uncomfortable because I had a strong desire to experience growth both professionally and personally. I wanted to be proactive in all of my decisions, not reactive.

What will it mean to your business when...
  • Influencing and persuading people becomes easy
  • You make a good first impression every time
  • Confidence has been mastered
  • People understand and believe your product or service
  • You effortlessly ask powerful questions and command the conversation
  • Asking for the sale becomes natural
  • Getting out of your comfort zone is effortless

What will your business and life be filled with?

Action. Abundance. Confidence. Empowerment. Strength. Love.

85% of your success comes from your communication and relationships building skills.

Make the decision today to steer your business UP and to the RIGHT!

With "Get Into Action and Increase Your Sales" you get:
  • Two webinars which provide you with audio and video - easy to take notes!
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Monday, March 26, 2012

Creating Your Purpose

What purpose are you meant to serve?  How often do you evaluate whether or not you are truly living out your purpose?  I think we oftentimes wonder, am I doing what I'm supposed to be doing, but all too often, we brush off discovering and moving towards our true passion in life.

Fear sets in.  We hear negative self talk.  Others cause us to doubt it.

I always knew that my purpose was to help others.  I just didn't know in what capacity.  As I've mentioned before, my career began working for the public education system, helping children - or rather baby sitting, disciplining, teaching to a test, listening to gossip, managing a classroom, lesson planning, ignoring my family, working ball games for free, grading papers, working long hours, skipping lunch, missing workouts, taking on extra projects and duties for free.......okay I'll stop!

I hit a pretty low point before I set out on a journey to discover who I am meant to serve and through what vehicle.  This was a process filled with journaling, reflection, reading, thinking, dreaming, visioning and talking it out.

Who do I want to help?
What value will I add to the lives of others?
How will I help?
What is my why?

When I could answer these questions, nothing was going to stop me.

Once I clearly defined my purpose, I began living my life with intention.  Living a life with intention is quite different from how most people live their lives.  Most people don't know why they are making the decision they are making, they're just doing what they've been told or taught to do - or what they've been persuaded or influenced to do by what they see, hear and read.  Most people don't think they have capability of being in control of their own thoughts, beliefs and actions.  They blame others and say, "It has control over me, I don't know why I can't stop."

I encourage you to identify your true purpose.  If it's to quit your job and join the Peace Corp, then so be it.  If it's to have 5 more kids, get started!  If it's to start your own business, what are you waiting for?  If it's to go back to school and get another degree, start filling out your application.  What's stopping you?


Lesson Learned #10:  We are never truly living until we live out our purpose. 

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